Rise Of The Tomb Rider

Rise Of The Tomb Rider16.03.2018 15:20
Rise Of The Tomb Rider

Today, let's talk about the game which is already 3 years old (and it seems, only yesterday there was a release). I remembered it because today I came across the news about the release of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider at the end of September. So let's take a little nostalgia together.

The main problem of restarting Tomb Raider was not a mediocre script and not even a turning point somewhere in the third or fourth hour when the game spit on everything and turned into a shooting gallery. The main problem was that the developers of Crystal Dynamics allegedly tried to prove to the world and above all to themselves that they could not be worse than Naughty Dog. Alas, it turned out all the same worse.

The rise of the Tomb Raider, fortunately, does not try to prove anything to anyone. This time the studio did exactly Tomb Raider - a modern, more spectacular, but still the same Tomb Raider. The PCs requirements are not so high for such graphic design, and you won`t need a top end gaming PC to enjoy it.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Official Launch Trailer

Unable to find convincing evidence of the existence of the Source, Croft Sr. fell into a flurry of ridicule on the part of the press and the scientific community, could not stand the shame and committed suicide when his daughter was still a child. Lara also vowed to finish what she had started and find the artifact - by and large, in order to atone for the fact that she did not believe in her father's research at the time.

The script ceased to squeeze out sympathy with ostentatious drama. Lara still has a hard time (painful, cold, sad), but no more tearful scenes and the fake "becoming a strong woman" through attempts to rape the heroine and smash against the rocks.

Lady Croft, while remaining kind, intelligent, honest and compassionate, painfully beats, shoots accurately, dirty curses with a distinct British accent and spits in the face of the main villain, being tied to a chair in a dark basement. Such an image of Lara is much better for the writers than for the image of a wailing little girl with an armature in her stomach.


After twenty-five hours spent on thoughtful passage, I want to forget about the stupidity of the script, thoughtless AI, and gameplay conventions and go back to the taiga - not even for artifacts or unopened tombs. Just. Hug the birch, hunt for squirrels, meet the dawn by the fire, remembering the endless starry sky over Solitude. Too romantic? Maybe. Handsomely? Not that word.

Now it's much harder to say that Tomb Raider copies Uncharted (the one that borrowed a lot from Tomb Raider at one time). She found her own and no less interesting way.

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